Who We Are

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Scott Werley Founder Creative Ninja GAIA BROS

Scott Werley

Founder & Creative Ninja

Scott grew up in Minneapolis and Chicago where he became a passionate retro gamer. In 2005 he met Matt while DJing at WSNC radio and earning his B.A. in Graphic Design & Photography at St. Norbert.

Scott is the Lead Designer of Razorfrog Web Design based in San Francisco and lives in Portland, Oregon. He is married to the love of his life, Lindsey, and is entertained daily by his kitties J. Charles and Lady Ella.

Scott enjoys technology, working out, vinyl, Studio Ghibli films, board games and discovering new experiences.

Matt Konop Co-Founder Biology Wizard GAIA BROS

Matt Konop

Co-Founder & Biology Wizard

Matt was born and raised in the Midwest where he met Scott at St. Norbert College. While in college, Matt practiced his creativity with various projects including music, visual art, and live performances.

After receiving a B.S. in Biology, he moved to San Diego where he currently lives, works, and studies. Matt enjoys practicing guitar and piano, hitting up LA for comedy shows, playing board games, video games and learning.

Matt is looking forward to more creative expression through GAIA BROS and pursuing higher education in the sciences.