Kung Fury: The 80s Are Back

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I just saw a short film titled Kung Fury on YouTube after seeing it on the frontpage of Reddit tonight. Having no prior concept of the movie (except for the knowledge that it has received over 5,400 upvotes), I watched purely out of curiosity.

If you haven’t heard anything about this masterpiece, don’t worry because I’m guessing not many people have. (Well, at least those who aren’t generally active members of the Kickstarter community.) It appears to have been a film that was made possible through successful Kickstarter crowd-funding efforts — something I am simultaneously taken by and grateful for. People have some intense passion and nostalgia for the 80s (aka Golden Era) and these guys wanted to do something with it. This is the result of those efforts and desires.

This movie is an epic love letter written, signed and delivered to 80s film, pop culture, gaming and style. It plays out much like a retro NES video game, but with more confidence and… carnage. (Think Contra Heroes or Double Dragons, but using real people instead of cartoon animations.) Incredible.

I can’t say enough things about how cool this movie really is, and how much I resonated with its 31 minutes of fantastic beat-em-up action, neon graphics and throbbing synths. Therefore, please enjoy watching the movie Kung Fury yourself, and hopefully you’ll get a little of the same taste I had just now.

Catch ya later, dudes and babes.