Mission Statement

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We believe in the power of curated content and storytelling to bring energy and creativity to life.

We are Scott Werley and Matt Konop, and we love life and have a weakness for living.

Launched in February 2015 in Oakland, California, GAIA BROS is our online headquarters for sharing passionate ideas and inspiration, igniting larger conversations and finding meaning in a buzzing world. This project seeks to empower both ourselves and others throughout our journeys in life. GAIA BROS is simultaneously a self-constructed brand and a mindset — a curated experience and a portal — drawn from the world around us and within ourselves.

The GAIA BROS collaboration also exists as an opportunity to redefine our identities as autonomous storytellers and impassioned creatives. Regardless of the facet of life that we choose to explore (whether it be music, art, gaming, film, food or adventure), we hope to infect you with our enthusiasm and passion along the way.

Come, friends and discover the many fragments of life with us. Together we’ll take charge of our vitality and live more passionately. For the spiraling self continues, and we’re only just beginning…

Welcome to GAIA BROS.