Castlevania Creator Crowd Funds New Game in Less Than 24 Hours

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If you are a fan of video games, I hope you have experienced Castlevania at one point or another. A Playstation One game, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, has a permanent home on my Vita and is in my overall top five favorite games list. Scott actually beats it every year and a few years ago we discovered a brand new weapon tucked away in its’ intricacy, and we’ve been playing this game for over a decade.

After many failed attempts to gain funding for a new project through publishers, the famed Castlevania creator, Koji Igarashi, reached out through Kickstarter. Igarashi broke through the $500,000 goal and is quickly passing the third of five stretch goals. The last stretch goal has David Hayter (voice actor for Snake in Metal Gear Solid) lending his talents to the project. I am looking forward to the return of a good Castlevania-esque game.