Change Is The Only Constant

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Hello people. I know you’ve missed me this past month, and I apologize for my general absence since my exercise post.

Matt and I had a nice long chat last night about our GAIA BROS project and what we want to see come out of it.

First and foremost, expect A LOT more posts from us. We have many ideas but generally not enough time to write, research and compose longer articles. So as of today, GAIA BROS will be shooting out awesome content, killer ideas, a potentially continuous web comic series, and posting more visuals and music recommendations than previously imaginable.

Consider our past two months to be a time of transition from standard lengthy blogging researchland to amazing-omg-get-psyched beast mode SLAMMIN style. We’ve snagged some pretty sweet powerups and will be happy to share more frequently now, so expect to hear from us on a regular basis.

It’s time to switch to high gear, kick more ass than ever, and really explore all that GAIA BROS is capable of. It’s also time to make sure you are subscribed to our blog here. In other words, do it now!!!

Thanks for being here on this journey with us while we re-align our ideas for rocking the web.

Forwaaaarrd, MARCH!!