Gaia Bros Has Arrived!

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Hello from Scott Werley and Matt Konop!

WOW!! We are just freaking ecstatic to be writing this right now!! It’s kind of surreal, but here goes:

We have landed. We have launched. And we are more pumped than ever to provide you with curated content you can actually get behind. Together, we are GAIA BROS, and we’re here to rock your face, move your body, inspire your mind, and positively impact your life.

What the hell is a GAIA BRO you say? Well, a GAIA BRO is someone who ventures into life’s possibilities head-first, without fear of judgment, and accepts the responsibility of sharing inspiring, passionate, and enthusiastic content and resources with other people. These resources are to supercharge your lifestyle so that you can live a creative, charged, and informed existence as often and consistently as possible. The GAIA BROS solidified their life alliance many years back, and this project is but a repercussion of that moment in the history of our planet.

You see, we’ve been redditors for quite some time and have always wanted to have our own “front page” of the internet. So here it is. And it’s under our new brand, GAIA BROS, which we’ve been discussing for the past two years and have just finally brought it into the semi-tangible world of internet bliss. We’ve discussed our ideas for days, months, and years as to what we wanted to see on the internet. And we’ve finally taken action to create the “space” we need to get our ideas out there!

We suggest that you subscribe to GAIA BROS as we will be posting new content frequently that will be covering so many great things. Science, video games, technology, music, art, food, health, fitness, love, creativity, and chaos are just the tip of the iceberg for what we have in mind. You’ll find a subscribe field in our navigation menu. That’s where the magic begins. Below is a screen capture for you, in case you can’t find it and are scratching your head and cursing profusely at us already.

subscribe capture
Enter your email in the subscribe field and stay connected with us.

Down the road, we plan on creating a podcast after we’ve gotten a decent following established. These podcasts will be available directly through this site and will be available at no cost (unless we decide otherwise!). We also plan on organizing open Google Hangouts for anyone interested in joining in our conversations and topics.

The sky is the limit. Good thing we have jetpacks with rechargeable solar panels on our backs. It’s time to take life to the next level. Thank you for being here with us. We promise to make it worth your while.

Join us in our quest for sharing quality information. Follow us. Share our content. Leave comments on our articles. Participate. Contribute your verse. Tell your friends. Expand your mind. Live. Learn. Love. Celebrate.

Cheers to the start of this exciting new adventure. May it have no end in sight!